REPORTS. Knowing what is happening on your property is the most important aspect of ensuring safety.  That's why you will receive daily, comprehensive reports that outline the who, what, where, when and why of everything.  This includes a time / date stamp.  Unlike most other "security" or "special" police companies in North Carolina, COMSECFOR Security Global uses a simplified reporting system by email. Your report will also (if necessary) include video links of surveillance and / or photographs.

DROPBOX. Need surveillance video to assist with eviction or legal matters? Our unmarked patrol vehicles are equipped with a time / date stamped dash-cam or body-cam.  Videos are sent by an email link to be viewed online through Dropbox.  No logins, signups or cumbersome software needed.


NIGHT VISION.  Safety is key.  Oftentimes, the criminal element will congregate in poorly lit areas.  In order to get the proper number of suspects (drug transactions), our night vision capabilities can reveal this information.  Video can be submitted at your directive for further security or law enforcement assistance.

RSU™.  Do you have a vacant unit or area that is constantly broken in to?  COMSECFOR Security Global has the right solution for you!  Our RSU™ unit can automatically and remotely monitor the inside of the unit.  Our RSU™ unit has the capability of capturing photos of the suspect(s) and sending push notifications to you OR us.

EoP™.  Our EoP™ (Eye of Providence) modality allows us to quickly toss a 100 millimeter "eye" into a vacant unit, remotely determine occupancy and / or immediate dangers.


CEOI Libro™. - our Communications Executive Operation Instructions modality is for special high-end applications / access control.  This booklet contains variable cryptex encoded pass codes to ensure only unknown but authorized individuals may enter sensitive areas.  If you're interested in purchasing a CEOI Libro™ for your corporate use, please click HERE for details / licensing agreement (highly restricted item).


​​CITATIONS.  COMSECFOR Security Global has a civil citation (ticket) system.  Each ticket lists all information including infractions.  These citations along with your nightly reports can mean the difference between a nuisance tenant remains or not.  Choose between digital and paper.


COURT.  Don't waste valuable morning hours handling testimony when you can be managing your property.  We can go to court on your behalf in many circumstances.


WARRANTS / ARRESTS.  COMSECFOR Security Global can easily find out if a warrant is current or previous arrest history through the Mecklenburg County Arrest Inquiry as well as our live dispatching.  We can also find out if you have sex offenders residing onsite AND their current whereabouts.​

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