Unmarked Vehicle Patrol (UVP)

Years of empirical evidence suggest that if patrol operations are conducted with lights engaged or marked while onsite, the criminal element will merely hide and eventually continue their activity.  This is why COMSECFOR Security can patrol your troubled property with the greatest result; mitigation of criminal conduct.  UVP includes our completely anonymous dispatch* service for your tenants.

Hostile Employee Termination Service (HETS)

Has a recently (or to be) terminated employee caused great concern for you, your employees or business?  Do you not wish to bring attention to your business with the police department onsite?  Then HETS may be the answer. The Hostile Employee Termination Service is a short-term contract to protect your business.

Comprehensive Security Analysis Report  (CSAR)

Do you need a comprehensive security analysis / gang identification report for your troubled property to take positive action? ​​​​​​​ COMSECFOR Security can help!  Our agency can assist you in proper identification of gang affiliations and overall criminal data of your property.  Proper identification of gangs and recent criminal activity (tattoos, signage, graffiti etc.) can mean the difference between peace and chaos.  Our report is thorough, comprehensive and contains photos / data from any date range needed.

* Security-complainant privilege.  All calls, complaints and intelligence are considered private and completely anonymous.

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