Basic Response Service

Unlimited response to security issues or home alarm calls. We can customize to your property's needs and only charged on number of monthly responses.

* Daily / nightly reports.

* Researching tags, criminal backgrounds and / or warrants + much more!

Advanced Patrol Service

Unmarked / random patrols for your troubled property with the greatest of results; the criminal element is none the wiser. You choose how many patrols and how often!

* Surveillance / recording of individual unit(s) and or home(s).

* Daily / nightly reports.

* Researching tags, criminal backgrounds and / or warrants + much more!

Special Operations Division

Pick and choose any of the special ops that you may need.

* HETS: Hostile Employee Termination Service: plain-clothed security to monitor during layoffs or former employee problems.

* Disaster † : We can respond to natural disasters in your State, provided proper licensing authorization, to protect public properties, infrastructure and private businesses.

* SC Process: Cross-border problems regarding civil suit or child support? We can find and serve the defendant in South Carolina for you or your attorney. We do all of the paperwork! Service includes improper service mitigation video.

* CSAR: Comprehensive Security Analysis Report: identification of gang affiliations and overall criminal data of your property in a complete report. We can also do a thorough security evaluation of your property.

* Firewatch: Alarm and or sprinkler systems down? We can watch your property until it is fixed!

* Homewatch: We can randomly check on your home if you are on vacation.

* ENS: Emergency Notary Service: in an ongoing effort to help individuals who may need emergency assistance in North Carolina, we now provide mobile, late night and last-minute notary services. $5. Cash only.

* 3dS: 3d Service: we provide (free of charge) 3d printed experimental prosthetic hands / arms as well as ultrasound images (for the blind) as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

* ICS : International Consulting Services: we can provide security consulting to any international private, business or government organization to increase safety / prevent loss.

* Vigilancia Project : Section 1204 of Title 18, United States Code, makes it a federal crime for a parent to remove or attempt to remove a child from the United States. We can health-safety-welfare check of your child at two locations internationally (Mexico + Philippines).

Some special operations are wholly dependent on State laws and / or coronavirus entry restrictions.